My name is
I am passionate about software development, motorcycles and drones.
…Only those who risk going too far can discover how far they can go.
Front End

Front End has been my passion since the 14 years.

Back End

Functional Back End is ok. But scalable and testable is amazing!

Web Sites

Preparing a website is a complex task, but there are those who know how to do it in a simple way.

Mobile Apps

Cross-platform mobile apps written in React Native has been my job for the last 2 years

JavaScript 95%
HTML5 90%
CSS3 87%
PHP 84%
XML 73%
Visual Basic .NET 70%
Ruby 68%
Java 65%
C# 60%
C++ 56%
C 54%
Perl 23%
Python 20%
Wordpress 95%
React Native 92%
React.js 87%
Node.js 83%
0% 80%
Express 79%
Ruby on Rails 69%
Ajax 67%
jQuery 67%

SEPTEMBER 2020 – PRESENT: Working as Front End developer in cybersecurity project at UST (subcontracted by Axa Assistance). Performing tasks of tech lead and React, building the project from scratch, designing the complete architecture of the site and supporting other developers in the technology.

DECEMBER 2019 – JANUARY 2021: Working as a Freelancer in all kinds of software projects, from web development to server configuration, through the development of mobile applications and multi-platform software in general.

DECEMBER 2017 – DECEMBER 2019: Trabajando como Full Stack developer, specialized in Front End in the important startup located in Barcelona called Goin.

JANUARY 2016 – DECEMBER 2017: Working as a freelancer in the creation of web pages aimed at small shops.

MARCH 2015 – DECEMBER 2015: Working as an Android Developer in the company Tuto4PC, performing tasks such as Android application development, development of servers based on PHP and Perl, responsive web pages (HTML5, CSS) Bootstrap-based and C # project development. I was also working in Tunisia for a week on a company project.

AUGUST 2014 – MARCH 2015: CTO and Co-Founder of TheNewGen Youth Association talents in Spain performing server management tasks and creating and managing the website.

OCTOBER 2014 – FEBRUARY 2015: 5 months of internship at the multinational Everis as a Java developer. Among other tasks, I was developing a parser of the SQL and PL / SQL language that notified the user of the errors found in the code based on the ANTLR library.

DECEMBER 2011 – JULY 2012: 7 months of internship in the company PC red Castelldefels carrying carry out activities such as equipment repair, software installation, resolution of incidents of all kinds both in the store and at the customer's home.

Be reasonable. Humanity moves masses. Be honest and run from the lies, life will reward you.

I have always been an honest person, ready to learn from my mistakes and ready to make them. Because without error there is no solution and without solution there is no learning.

There is no room for the comfort zone. It is because of that, to my 25 years, I have experience in a wide variety of technologies and languages ​​as well as in agile work methodologies.
More than 5 years of work experience in important multinationals and one of the most important startups in Barcelona, now is the time to embark on a new career path.